Wednesday, June 13, 2007

These were refugee camps of Tutsis trying to escape into neighboring countries.

This shows the force used from the Hutu soldiers to keep Tutsis away.

When people think of mass murdering the word "Holocaust" comes to mind. But there were other significant events similar to the European catastrophe. Like the Rwanda Genocide for example: You would think the UN would step in but no. The declaration of human rights that they created would have no say in this matter. When one tribe goes out of their way to single out one group because they think they are threat is ridiculous. The Hutus had no right to attack the Tutsis. Because of their actions they transformed this in to civil war or even worse, genocide.

After WWII the mindset of Europeans and people around the world was that another tragedy like the Holocaust would never occur again .That newly formed UN would prevent these mass exterminations, especially since they created the declaration of human rights which gives rights to people all over the world that should never be violated. But like the holocaust these rights were violated indeed. Rwanda had citizens who were innocent killed unmercifully just because one group had the impression that one group was going to take over the country. What is despicable about this situation is that it took place in their country and tried to help.

Even though the death total wasn't as tragic as the holocaust, but still eight hundred thousand to one million innocent people killed is still unnecessary. Humanism played no part in this because fear controlled the Hutus to kill off the Tutsis. No looking out for another. It was as if they took a peak in to Mien Kemp and started to believe they were sub human or something.

The UN is supposed to be an authority in the world when times like these occur, but nothing. You have to ask “where is the leadership for the better of mankind”, come on. You have to flashback to Louis XIV with his non shallot attitude on what happens with his people, that’s what happened with the Rwanda officials and especially the UN.

In short, I hope the people of Rwanda realize something. No one really won did they? I say learn to deal with one another because we all know we won’t get along all the time. It would make us perfect and we are not. If anything we need to stick together because doesn’t solve anything, it makes things worse.


This shows the carelessness of the Hutus. They would kill people in the streets and just leave the dead bodies there.

Josh Freeman's Reflection

This is a horrible, terrifying thing that happened to the people of Rwanda. The Tutsis people did not deserve to die. As well as the Hutus people did not deserve to kill. It was mainly sparked by the death of Juvenal Habyarimana. He was the president on Rwanda when his plane was shot down on April 6th 1994. This is no reason for the Hutus people to kill nearly 800,000 Tutsis people. And this only lasted for 100 days.

Everyone said that no one ever wanted anything close to the Holocaust to happen again. But yet they let the Rwanda Genocide to happen in 1994. Although this isn’t the same as the Holocaust, they’re pretty close. Two different types of people, one being hated and killed while the other is doing the killing. This was just plain horrific. Over the course of about 3 months, 800,000 people were killed. Although Adolph Hitler just said, lets kill these types of people, the death of Juvenal made the Hutus people kill hundreds of thousands of Tutsis peoples.

If humanism is the idea that all individuals matter, then there is no humanism in Rwanda. This Genocide did not make all people equal. There was absolutely no humanism in this case. All it was was one group of people killing another group of people. Humanism is says that all people matter, then why is their killing? If everyone mattered then why did they ever kill anyone? There was no Humanism in the Rwanda Genocide. The only part of it that there was was the fact that the Hutus people were not killing each other. No one person being greater then the other, just one group of people thinking they are greater then the others.

The leaders of the Rwanda Genocide must have been heartless and had nothing worth living for. In order to kill hundreds and thousands of people in that short of a time period, you have to have a good method, and no heart. The Hutus people watched the Tutsis people burn, suffer, and die. And it didn’t bother them. No human should be able to do that. They stood on top of dozens of dead bodies, knowing that they helped to create that pile, and went on with life, normal as can be. Heartless. That’s the only word that I can say about the leaders of this Genocide. Heartless.
All and all, I believe that the Rwanda Genocide was nothing needed. That it was just a repeat of the Holocaust. I also believe that there was nothing but pure un-humane acts. Humanism was definitely not a thought towards this act. Finally, there were only heartless people who lead this Genocide. Nothing good came out of it and nothing good went into it. Overall, the Rwanda Genocide was a horrible and terrifying act that should never have happened and should never happen again.

Mark Pasqualini's Reflection

In 1948 the United Nations got together and wrote an act called the Universal Declaration of Human rights. A segment of it said "Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, nonselfgoverning or under any other limitation of sovereignty." The Genocide violated this act because many people were slaughtered because of their race, ethnicity, and status. That just shows that the Act was not useful.

This event is much like the Holocaust. Hitler massacred millions of people based on their Religion. In Rwanda it was almost exactly the same. Hutu's took the lives of the Tutsis because of their ethnic beliefs. You would think the world would learn from Hitlers mistake. The genocide was in 1994 so apparently they didn't really care that what they were doing was wrong. Hitler also violated the Universal Declaration of Human Rights act as well. The Hutu went into villages and slaughtered their enemy just like how Hitler sent his enemy's to concentration camps. They were both cruel and tortured each other. In a way the Holocaust and the Rwanda Genocide were very similar.

Humanism was the idea that all individuals madder. The genocide changed that idea into something different. There was a racist aspect to the genocide so that destroyed the thought of humanism. This aspect represents anti Semitism. Anti Semitism is discrimination, hostility or prejudice directed at a religious, racial, or ethnic group. The genocide was a very Anti Semitic event that happened in history. They seduced people to believe that they are nothing and that they are of a lower class in society. They turned people with certain beliefs into nothing.

In my opinion I think the genocide should not have occurred because the people that were killed were mostly not involved in the killing of the leader. The leadership in Rwanda was far too weak and they needed help. After the three leaders were killed the Genocide was over. After that there was another horrible war because of the genocide. The genocide fell apart because of the lack of good leadership.

I feel sad for the victims of the Genocide because most of them were Innocent and just living their lives. There was really no reason at all to start a war like that and the people that died should not have. Some of the victims were tortured and raped as others had to watch their family's and friends die and suffer. If any of the victims survived they would starve to death because the Hutu would also burn their crops and all their food supply. So I do feel sad for the innocent people that died in this. The people that were killing other innocent people i don't feel bad for because they are just as bad as the Hutu's.

This picture shows the torture that the kids got from there parents being killed. So many people were killed. Families members lost with nowhere to go.